Tours in Valparaíso
Ascensor Artilleria.


Valparaiso, Chile’s cultural capital, has been an important part of this country’s history and was declared World Heritage site in 2003. It’s a large bay with 45 hills surrounding it, naturally creating a spectacular amphitheater. The sea is the stage and each house, a seat with a panoramic view of the harbor. It’s a special place of Chile where its pure essence, people, hidden spots, streets, viewpoints and alleys can be enjoyed. The city always surprises every visitor in an unforgettable way.


First we begin with a tour of Valparaiso, visiting its down-town area (El Plano ) and driving through its outstanding nineteenth century buildings.  After that we drive up to the colorful homes in the neighbourhoods clinging to the hills where you will enjoy the real flavor and magic of “ La Joya del Pacifico” ( Valparaiso nickname ).  Following this visit we continue on to visit the next coastal city called Viña del Mar which is Chile’s newest and most popular summer resort city.  It is also know around the whole country as “La Ciudad Jardin”( Garden City ) due to its colorful and wonderful flowers which are everywhere all year around.  Here we visit the tourist boulevard, Avenue Peru and and pass by the Casino (Chile’s oldest and most popular gambling casino) to get a lovely Pacific Ocean view of the city’s popular beach.
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